LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View,
Raunds Road, Chelveston
Wellingborough NN9 6AA
Tel : 07831 556973

Established 1986

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RACE TECH magazine
Practical Racer

"The bike-engined Lynx LR1 is a winner....." John Coxon explains why
Total Kit Car - Spring 2006

"The Lynx effect."
"The name Jon Lee might not be that well known outside of clubman motorsport but I predict it will be."

"The road holding and handling are out of the top drawer, and I can't speak highly enough of the skills of it's creator"
Track & Race Cars - February 2006

"When we shot the new Yamaha R1 engined Lynx AE LR1 we had to use a crow bar to get Bill Sollis out of the driving seat, it's that good..."

"Truth is, I was blown away by this car because it worked so well."
Autosport - January 2005 page

"Award winner to step upto 1300cc"

"The 750 Motor Club's Colin Chapman Award winner Jon Lee is building a 1300cc version of his Lynx LR1 for 750 Bikesports competition this year."
750 Motor Club Bulletin - January 2006

Want to build your own race car !
The design and build story of the LynxAE LR1.
kitcar magazine - Nov 2006 News Headlines Friday 23 September 2005

"Another quick projectile was the..... LR1 from LynxAE, which also impressed with the quality of finish
and of course its performance level."
Autosport Internatiolan 2006 News Headlines
Friday 1 April 2005

"Another new trackday car to tell you EXCLUSIVELY about this week..... It's called the LR1 and is made by LynxAE of Milton Keynes"

LR1 Body panels supplied by Kellforms Woodmasters Ltd.
LR1 Body design owned by Kellforms Woodmasters Ltd.