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2nd September 2012 - Class win for Mathew

Mathew and Richard had 2 brilliant races at Donington Park in the 750MC Bike Sports race and sealed a class win in race 1. See the in car video here...

November 2011 - The ex works car put to good use

The new owner of the works LR1300 has been putting the car to good use at track days. He has been giving passenger rides and just generally enjoying himself, to quote "everybody is impressed by how fast the car is". The car is now undergoing a winter rebuild ready for 2012.

LR1300 to become a 750 Formula car

Another rolling chassis has been sold but this time the customer intends on using the race proven performance to build a 750 Formula car. The car will run a mid mounted FIAT 1000cc Fire engine. Further details to follow..

2010 Development program underway

To stay at the top in motorsport any car needs constant development, therefore we have been working on a number of modifications to the LR1300 that once successful will become standard fitment,

- Lowering the engine so lowering the centre of gravity reducing roll when cornering and improving the handling further.
- Rear diffuser to generate down force so that rear wing can be removed aiding straight line speed.
Testing of the above modifcations at Silverstone on 3rd Sept 2010 was a mixed bag, the car developed a misfire and we are unsure why, a session on the rolling road should locate the problem. The rear difuser and lowered engine both work a bit too well in some respects as we now have lots of rear grip but the car now understeers so we need to work on the front down force to balance the car out. All in all not a bad test day. More development to follow shortly.

13:33 17th Sept 2010 - We think we have tracked down the cause of the missfire to be sticking valves, therefore we are in the process of fitting new steel valves.

Victory at Silverstone 7th August 2010 - Bentley Drivers Cub race meeting

In the first race with the 1340 engine Jon in the LR1300 took an amazing victory.

Jon qualified 2nd on the grid behind Chris Randall in his Lotus Europa with a Morgan V8 nipping at Jon's heels, and we were looking forward to a great race.

The lights changed and Jon got a brilliant start, he managed to get around the outside of Chris in the first corner. Jon new it was going to be close so got straight on it and put in some impressive early lap times to build a gap on Chris in his Lotus. Unfortunately Chris had to retire from the race in the early stages. Jon having built a gap amazed the crowd as he dominantly carved his way up the inside around the outside and through the middle of the traffic to lap the entire field up to 3rd place and took the a prestigious race win.


Further testing, shows future potential 2010

With some suspension setup changes we headed back to Mallory park on 21st July for further testing. The understeer has now been eradicated and the car much better balanced with very mild and controllable oversteer, this we feel we can dial out completely if required.
Since the last test session we have also relocated the oil coolers so this was another thing to test and this did not show the gains we had hoped for so a rethink is required.
During the test session despite there being an awful amount of traffic which meant that Jon was unable to get 1 clear lap all morning the managed a respectable time.


1340 power arrives

Well the latest spec Hayabusa 1340cc engine is now installed and the first track test has been completed at Mallory Park with no hitches.
The car ran faultlessly for over 30 laps. Our next step is to make some suspension tweaks and rectify a slight under steer problem mid corner around Gerard's. Then we should be able to see what the car can really do lap time wise.


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Matthew Chamberlain

Mathew (son of Richard Chamberlain Porsche race not actor|) has called his LR1300 Arachnid, more..


Mallory Park April 5th 2009

Well the opening race of he 750MC Bike Sports championship at Mallory Park on 5th April 2009 did not go as planned.

Qualifying went well and the car ran fine except for a few puffs of smoke!! Jon qualified 5th which we were reasonably pleased with.

Jon started the race in 5th position on the 3rd row. The race started and Jon managed to take 3rd into Gerard's, all was locking good. However the smoke continued. Jon had to retire from the race due to increasing water temperature. Post race inspection indicated that the head gasket had gone. This unfortunately put an end to our weekend.

Back at the workshop we found the cause of all the problems, The inlet camshaft pulley had slipped meaning the the inlet valve had been touching the pistons. In turn this jacked up the head and caused the head gasket to go. The rest is history as they say.

Back to the drawing board.


LR1300 gets tuned Suzuki Hayabusa 2009

Running a standard Suzuki Hayabusa the LR1300 has proved to be very competitive lapping Silverstone National circuit in a consistent 60sec. However in the constant search for more speed we have just installed a tuned 1300 engine so we expect to be below 60secs next time out.

We are very pleased with the power that the newly installed engine has. However since we now have a tuned engine why not get more power... So we are now trying a few more tweaks to get even more.


LR1300 in the news Sept 2008
19th Sept 2008

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Around the outside of a Ferrari
Photo Courtesy Steve Jones
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21st Aug Full Results.pdf

POWERNIGHTS Silverstone 21st Aug 2008 - No first race nerves....
The POWERnights format means that you qualify for race 1 and then your fastest lap time in race 1 is your qualification time for race 2. The races are started in reverse order. The qualifying times are then grouped into categories, each group being given a 10 second starting penalty. This means that pole position is at the back of the grid plus a 60 second penalty (almost a lap).

The LR1300's first race nerves never surfaced when Jon qualified in pole position for race 1 out of a 27 strong field. This meant that Jon would start race 1 from the back plus 60 seconds. This did not halt the progress of Jon in the LR1300 and he finished Race 1 in a very respectable 11th.

With the starting grid for Race 2 decided on the lap times in Race 1, Jon started 4th from last plus a 60 second penalty and drove hard to secure a 7th place finish.

All in all we feel that the LR1300 held it's own in a very strong field and kept the LR's tradition of race successes.

Silverstone 1st August Testing 2008

We were very pleased with both the lap times and reliability of the LR1300 during testing.
Modifications to the front suspension have eliminated the slight understeerr present in medium speed corners which gives the car new levels of control.

Autosport June 2008


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