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LR1300 Turn key solutions
Fully built car ready to race
Front Double adjustable dampers
Rear Double adjustable dampers
FIA Bag tank 20ltr
Paddle shift Quick shift Ultima (bottle)

LR1300 Kit prices
Stage Price
Stage 1 Chassis, rear wing frame, nose frame Aluminium sheet
Fuel system - Fuel tank, fuel filler neck & cap, fuel pump, fuel line, filter, pressure regulator
Stage 2 Fastener kit, all nuts bolts, washers, rivets, P clips and Tie wraps to complete a car plus heat matt
Rose joint kit
Front suspension - Uprights, bearings, suspension arms & fixings, steering arms, stub axles, drive flanges and wheel studs
Stage 3 Steering - steering wheel & quick release, rack (1 turn) & fixings, steering column & fixings, column joint and track rod ends


Rear suspension - Uprights, bearings, suspension arms & fixings and track arms
Stage 4 Drive train - Aluminium Differential housing & Differential, output shafts, CV's, drive shafts, rear drive flanges and wheel stubs


Single adjustable coil over dampers & springs for front and rear
Stage 5 Front & rear brake discs, bells, callipers, fixing kit
Wheels & nuts
4x tyres (slicks)
Stage 6 All brake and clutch lines, fluid reservoir and brake fluid
Electrical - Battery, switches, switch panel and fog light
Wiring loom
Digital dash
Stage 7 Cooling system - Radiator, radiator mount, front to rear coolant pipes, silicon hoses and clips
Pedal box, brake & clutch master cylinders, brake bias bar and throttle cable
Safety kit - Fire extinguisher, Seat foam kit, seat belt, roll cage padding
Stage 8 LR1300 Body kit - Front panel, rear panel, front splitter, cockpit spider, side pods, doors and wing end plates
Body fitting kit - Door seals, door handles, door hinges, mirrors, windscreen, door windows, body catches, foam rubber, paint and sealant
Rear wing, supports, brace and end plate support bars
Stage 9 Hayabusa engine kit - Engine cradle, engine bolts, ECU & loom, swirl pot, rad cap, sprockets and chain
Stage 10 Hayabusa exhaust manifold, pipe, silencers and exhaust wrap
Hayabusa Oil system - Oil cooler, pipe work & unions, pressure regulator
Reverse gear
Gear change
Total +VAT
All prices are subject to VAT.
Prices correct at time of going to press.
Prices and product specification may vary without notice.


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